COB LED (Chip On Board)

Large Surface, High Light Output And Ready-To-Use For Various Voltages

COB (Chip On Board) LED have an exceptionally large light emitting surface: multiple LED chips are mounted directly onto a substrate or circuit board.

These LED chips are arranged closely together and covered with a phosphor coating or resin to enhance light output and color uniformity. They typically come on aluminum modules.

COB LED are simpler to manufacture and cheaper. The close proximity of multiple LED on a common substrate yields a high and uniform light output, allows for various shapes and forms and provides good heat dissipation.

The many different LED on a COB are partially connected in series and partially connected in parallel to design a particular desired total forward voltage. They often can be connected directly to voltages like 12-13V without the need of series resistors or constant voltage/constant current power supplies.


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(content created Mar 23, 2024)