Introducing Tools and Utilities that I Love and Recommend - Better Results in Less Time

Efficient tools can save time and nerve, plus they often improve the quality of your work.

In this section I am introducing all tools and utilities that help me do electronics and documenting what I do.

Creating Great Schematics

Here is an example: I use the free KiCAD software to draw schematics (so KiCad definitely is a mention in my software category). While KiCAD is an excellent software for doing schematics, once you want to export them to file, there are severe limitations: all you can do is “plot” the entire schematics page to SVG vector image.

If you just want a hi-res png schematics image file, a lot of post-processing steps are needed. I automated them with the help of PowerShell and created a PowerShell module with all the necessary commands to crop the excessive whitespace, replace it by a margin, optionally add a solid color background, and then convert the svg file to a hi-res PNG.


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(content created Feb 27, 2024)