Show-Casing My Own Projects - Get Inspiration, Re-Build, or Evolve and Improve them

You can see just how much people love to play with displays, buttons, LEDs and other electronic parts when you browse the web or YouTube. That’s awesome. Frequently though there is not really a use case.

Which is ok. Maybe you love to build a miniature traffic light, or feel deep satisfaction when you dim LEDs with PWM. What is considered useful always lays in the eye of the maker.

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Here I am documenting my own projects that I found useful, including schematics and all other information required for easy redo. Maybe you find some of them useful, too.


Please do leave comments below. I am using utteran.ce, an open-source and ad-free light-weight commenting system.

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For chit-chat and quick questions, feel free to visit and participate in Discussions. They work much like classic forums or bulletin boards. Just keep in mind: your valued input isn’t equally well trackable there.

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(content created Feb 27, 2024)