Pick a Component Category and Find the Best Component for Your Needs

Often you might know what you want to do but are uncertain how to do it, or what could be the best component for your use case.

Choosing and Comparing

For almost anything there is a rich choice of Breakout Boards and Components available. I have categorized them for you, show-case them and share the differences, test results, and true specs.

  • Power: All about Power-related devices. I cover voltage and current regulators, constant voltage and constant current, batteries, charger, BMS (battery management systems), and I’ll cover the best ways of actually measuring voltage and current.


Many modern DIY projects these days use microcontrollers.

Whether you are into Arduinos or would like to finally understand the differences between ESP8266, ESP32, Wroom, or whatnot, the Microcontrollers section has you covered.


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(content created Feb 27, 2024)