Controls What The Microcontroller Is Supposed To Do

Firmware is the software that runs directly on a microcontroller. It is needed to tell the microcontroller what it should do.

So unless a microcontroller is already running the required firmware, you need to upload new firmware to it.

Before you can ask your microcontrollers’ boot loader to download new firmware, you first need a new firmware file that is compatible to your particular microcontroller (board).

Getting Firmware From Someone Else

One of the easiest ways is to get firmware from someone else. This way, you don’t need to program anything.

Creating New Firmware Yourself

One of the most flexible and powerful ways is to write the firmware yourself. This way, you can access all microcontroller features, and tailor the firmware exactly to your needs. You do need to program it yourself, though.


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(content created May 10, 2024 - last updated May 26, 2024)