Small Superheterodyne RF ASK Receiver With Good Sensitivity

The RX470-4 receiver breakout board is the successor of the WL101-341 board with better stability and improved data transfer.

This receiver is often sold as a kit together with the sender WL102-341.

Technical Data

Item Value
Voltage 2.2-5.0V
Frequency 433MHz or 315MHz
Operation Current 2.1mA
Modulation Mode AM (OOK)
Sensitivity 110dBm, built-in LNA
Data transfer rates 2-10kbps
Distance 20-100m
Size 30x9x1mm


The board comes with four pins labeled on the back side.

Pin Description
- negative voltage/GND
+ 2.0-4.6V
DAT data in
EN enable pin, not connected


The antenna needs to be soldered to the solder pad marked ANT (marked on the back side of the board).

Always operate senders with an antenna. If no designated antenna is at hand, use a plain 17.3cm wire for 433MHz, and a 23.8cm wire for 315MHz.

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(content created Apr 18, 2024)