The Premier ESP32 With Everything On Board That You Can Imagine

The S3 is the currently most powerful *ESP32 family member combining almost all features in one chip.

Some infrequently used features like Hall Sensor and DAC were removed in exchange for 10 more GPIO pins, a temperature sensor, and BLE 5.0 support.


Here is the list of removed or reduced features compared to ESP32:

Feature Removal
Size 7x7 instead of 5x5
SRAM reduced from 520 to 512
ROM reduced from 448 to 384
LED PWM reduced from 16 to 8
DAC removed
SD Slave removed
Hall Sensor removed
Ethernet Removed

New Features

This is what’s new:

Feature Addition
Bluetooth BLE v5.0 instead of BLE v4.2
ADC increased # of channels from 18 to 20
Touch 14 instead of 10
Temperature Sensor added
GPIO extended from 34 to 45
SD Host extended from 1 to 2
USB OTG added

In addition, the S3 comes with AI Acceleration Support: the MCU (math coprocessor) is tailored towards the kind of vector calculations needed in AI applications.


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(content created Mar 23, 2024)