Premier IoT Microcontroller With WiFi 6, ZigBee And Threads

The C6 was announced in 2021. It took until 2023 before boards were available in quantities and is a connectivity update to the C3 with added support for Wifi 6, Zigbee and Thread.

Compared To ESP32 C3

Here is the list of enhancements compared to the C3:

Feature Addition
GPIO 30 instead of 22
I2C 2 instead of 1
Bluetooth BLE v5.0 instead of BLE v4.2
WiFi WiFi6 added
SRAM 512 instead of 400
ROM 384 instead of 320
RTC RAM 16 instead of 8
ADC 7 instead of 6 channels
UART 3 instead of 2
SD Slave added
TWAI (CAN 2.0) 2 instead of 1
Zigbee/Thread added

The number of SPI was reduced from 3 to 1.

As of this writing, the C6 does not support the Arduino Framework yet. You cannot currently program it using the Arduino IDE or platformio. Instead, you must use the ESP-IDF from Expressif. This is going to change soonish, and eventually, the C6, too, will support the universal ArduinoIDE.


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(content created Mar 23, 2024)