XS-AP50L (50W)

12-24V 50W Stereo Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board

This board is a Bluetooth audio receiver with a powerful stereo audio amplifier that can deliver up to 2x50W (at 24V and with 4 Ohm speakers).

At 12V and with 8 Ohm speakers, the board delivers 2x15W.

Audio can also be supplied via 3.5mm analog in and via USB C. There is a app available from the vendor that can optionally be used to control the device.

Technical Data

Item Description
Power Supply 12-24V, 60W
Audio Amplifier 2x50W
Amplifier Chip CS8673 (similar to TPA3116)
Speaker Impedance 4-16 Ohm, 30-200W
Audio In Headphone Jack 3.5mm
Bluetooth Standard 5.1
Bluetooth Distance <15 Meter
Size 52x52x20

The board comes with power reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, and self recovery after overheating.

If the supplied power is less than 60W, you may still use it for low volume settings. When power supply becomes insufficient, audio quality will deteriorate.


The amplifier used is the CS8673 which seems to be a clone of the TPA3116 but with similar specs.

The original datasheet is available in Chinese only.

Audio Power

The actual maximum audio power depends on supply voltage and speaker impedance:

Voltage (V) Impedance (Ohm) Max Power (W)
12 8 2x15W
12 4 2x20W
15 8 2x18W
15 4 2x30W
19 8 2x32W
19 4 2x45W
24 8 2x40W
24 4 2x50W

Power Supply

Power is supplied via a male cinch connector (12-24V).

Audio In

Typically, this board receives audio information wireless over the air via Bluetooth 5.0.

Audio can also be fed into the board either using the 3.5mm jack marked AUX IN, or via the USB C-connector (that can be used to supply (U Disk or USB Sound Card).

Audio Out

One of the 3.5mm jacks on the board is labeled AUX OUT and can be used to connect headphones.

Screw terminals are provided to connect two speakers (left and right).

Volume Control

In the center of the board, a rotary encoder can be used to adjust volume.

The rotary encoder can also be pressed:

  • Play/Pause: short press the rotary encoder
  • On/Off: long press the rotary encoder

This board can also be controlled via the YS Audio App.

Bluetooth Connect

After supplying power, the device is in bluetooth pairing mode and can be detected by smartphone etc.


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(content created Apr 14, 2024)